May 25, 2024, from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

“Living a hundred lives, from Springfield to the Zénith” is a charity musical show for the benefit of the ARTC-Fonds Thomas BERTHY and the works of the LIONS CLUB ELANCOURT Aqualina. Come experience a human and musical adventure around the musical aspirations of the woman who shared the stage with Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones: Carole FREDERICKS. Do you like Blues, Jazz, Rock… and the hits of the famous trio Carole Fredericks, JJ.Goldman and Michael Jones? Don’t miss “LIVE A HUNDRED LIVES”!

This automotive engineer creates his charity musical in tribute to his friend who “left too young”

Sébastien Bornais, who works in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines), is at the origin of the charity show “Living a hundred lives, from Springfield to the Zénith”, a musical comedy based around the work of the Fredericks-Goldman-Jones trio which will be played from May on 5 dates in Île-de-France. All proceeds will be donated to the ARTC-Fonds Thomas Berthy association, named after his late friend who suffered from a brain tumor.

Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines), January 10, 2024. Sébastien Bornais puts on his second charity musical show in memory of his friend Thomas Berthy, who died of a brain tumor. LP/Virginie Wéber

There are completely unpredictable life trajectories. Sébastien Bornais knows something about this. This automotive engineer in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines) never imagined himself leading a troop of volunteers, putting on a musical and organizing a tour in Île-de-France. However, the forty-year-old will present his second charity show “Living a Hundred Lives, from Springfield to the Zenith” from May 4. A musical comedy based around the work of the Fredericks-Goldman-Jones trio which will be performed over five dates in Yvelines , Essonne and Paris and for which reservations have just opened.

“It’s crazy when I think about it,” the person timidly breathes when talking about the artistic project created on the death of his friend Thomas Berthy, who died in 2014 after ten years of fighting a brain tumor . “I wanted to help in my own way. » A youth cradled at Enfoirés and a passion for helping music, Sébastien Bornais puts on a charity show in order to raise money for the ARTC-Fonds Thomas Berthy association, chaired by Marie-Claude, his friend’s mother disappeared.

40,000 euros donated after the first show

“It’s a story of the heart since I’m doing it for a friend who left much too young,” adds the father. The latter uses his skills as a project manager to involve everyone in an extraordinary human adventure, starting with his wife, his two daughters and their cousins, best friends, their friends and acquaintances. The rest is taking shape little by little under the impetus of a collective dynamic.

“It’s a project that involved all the members of the family, everyone is involved at their own level,” says the organizer who realizes that “it allows us to create friendships, artistic connections and relationships. very strong between the participants.

Michael Jones, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Connie Frédéricks, whose sister Carole collaborated with the two artists in the trio Fredericks Goldman Jones, each gave their support to the charitable project “Des Vies”.

The first show, “Des Vies”, will see the light of day in 2022, bringing together more than 2,000 spectators during two sold-out dates at the Prisme in Élancourt (Yvelines). Nearly 40,000 euros are then paid to the association which finances research projects and works to improve the living conditions of patients.

This year, the troupe, made up of 95% amateurs, is returning to the stage with 80 volunteers including 40 artists on stage. “We are supported by Jean-Jacques Goldman and Michael Jones and we are working with Carole Fredericks’ sister, Connie Fredericks-Malone, who will be with us on stage,” rejoices the project leader who promises “an exceptional show” around the jazz, blues, gospel and rock.

A date at the 13th Art, a Parisian venue with 900 seats

“It is not a tribute, a simple tribute, but a collective creation with dancers, singers, sound and light effects, video, all around a scenario, an original story, which will retrace the life of Carole Fredericks, from the United States to France”, details the “conductor” who guarantees “a lot of emotion from one song to the next”. “It’s nice to put lesser-known songs back on stage and at the same time the big hits that made the trio successful. »

The performances are also an opportunity to bring doctors on stage to raise public awareness of the importance of supporting research into brain tumors. “Everyone is amazing because everyone does things they didn’t feel capable of in front of an audience. » And in cultural places whose capacity can sometimes give you a cold sweat, Le 13e Art, in which the troupe will perform on May 29, is one of the largest performance halls on the Parisian left bank with 900 seats .

“It moves me a lot because we are all linked by the same cause”

In the meantime, it’s time for rehearsals, like recently at the Buc theater. “Every weekend has its moment of emotion,” reacts Sébastien Bornais. There is a complicity on stage between people who sometimes did not know each other at all. It moves me a lot because we are all linked by the same cause, a cause for which we fight and ultimately, we collectively make our contribution. » This feeling of pride is also mixed with a touch of melancholy… “Thomas would have liked it, I’m sure, because he was a bon vivant. »

May 4 at the Théâtre de Cerny (Essonne), price: 10 euros; May 29 at the 13e Art in Paris (XIII), price: 15 to 30 euros; May 31 at the Jacques-Brel room in Montigny-le-Bretonneux (Yvelines), price: 20 euros; June 2 at the Théâtre de Yerres (Essonne), price: 20 euros. Tickets at: . And on May 25 at Prisme in Élancourt (Yvelines), price: 20 euros. Tickets on:

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